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  SCR Unit

WESCO Environmental, Inc. offers services on Selective Catalystic Reduction (SCR) Units, such as catalysts replacement or adding a new layer, frame and duct work repair as well as ammonia system repair. W.E.I. can also install new units as well. W.E.I. will meet your needs on your SCR units.

About SCR Units

Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is a means of converting nitrogen oxides, also referred to as NOx with the aid of a catalyst into diatomic nitrogen, N2. And water, H20. A gaseous reductant, typically anhydrous ammonia, aqueous ammonia or urea, is added to a stream of flue or exhaust gas and is absorbed onto a catalyst. Carbon dioxide, C02 is a reaction product when urea is used as the reductant.

Selective catalytic reduction of NOx using ammonia as the reducing agent was patented in the United States by the Englehard Corporation in 1957.  Development of SCR technology continued in Japan and the US in the early 1960s with research focusing on less expensive and more durable catalyst agents.

Commercial selective catalytic reduction systems are typically found on large utility boilers, industrial boilers, and municipal solid waste boilers and have been shown to reduce NOx by 70-95%. More recent applications include diesel engines, such as those found on large ships, diesel locomotives, gas turbines, and even automobiles.

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